Phuket Thai Food

Phuket Thai Food

The Best Thai Food In Wakefield

Our Story

It has been over 5 memorable years for ‘Phuket’. Our restaurant is reputable and favoured for the authentic Thai cuisine we are still inspired and aspire to create ‘Fresh and Delectable’ dishes from Phuket very own recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Oriental Salmon
Grilled salmon with peppers, carrots, string beans, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms and basil leaves in spicy curry sauce.



Phuket Fried Rice

Serve with  shrimp, egg, onions, green pea, scallions and curry powder Top with barbecued chicken satay.

A unique experience of spices, herbs, and flavors only found in traditional Souththern Thai culture.

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For Reservation please call +1781-246-9888


Phuket Thai Food

Phuket Thai Food

The Best Thai Food In Wakefield


Sarah Middaugh Raynor

Delicious food!! And the owner (who actually served us) was super nice. Plenty of vegan options and he said more were coming soon.


The spicy lobster soup is delicious. Authentic cuisine. We have been here 4 times so far and the staff is friendly and professional every time. Can't wait to go back and try another new dish.


Greg Barriere

We had lunch there and everything we had was beyond our expectations. Wonderful people, spectacular food & parking. We'll be back.

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